Enriqueburgos Blog Prevention and well-being of mother and baby in pregnancy what to do!

Prevention and well-being of mother and baby in pregnancy what to do!

Prevention and well-being of mom and baby in pregnancy: here's what to do!

Mothers-to-be are concerned about their own health and especially that of their unborn child. It is therefore important to have regular medical checkups both for prevention and to ensure the well-being of both. Prenatal testing and the choice to store stem cells are also important.

Many mothers-to-be, during the pregnancy period, hesitate about’taking medications, believing them to be dangerous for the baby. Promoting correct information is the’goal of the Italian Drug Agency, which has designed a portal web entirely dedicated to medicines.

Not all medicines are dangerous for the child, and if it was one's primary care physician who prescribed them, then they can be taken. If the pregnant woman is a chronic patient and has been on medication since before the onset of pregnancy, she should evaluate together with her physician how to precede, without abruptly stopping, the taking of medication. Therapy should not be discontinued, but dosages should be reevaluated or alternative medicines considered.

Prevention and wellness, beware of medications

After childbirth, great care must be taken with the medications to be given to babies. L’Aifa in its campaigns to
communication 1 , highlights how parents mistakenly believe that babies can be given
and the same medicines as adults, but in lower dosages. For therapy to be effective, the administration of
of medicines to children should be prescribed by the doctor.

Although prophylaxis is often followed and medicines are used consciously, there can be some
disorders that cannot be treated with common drugs, but by adopting therapeutic alternatives. For example:
umbilical cord stem cell transplantation has been recognized by the Ministry of Health as a
valid treatment for more than 80 diseases .

To protect one's well-being, it is essential to be aware that any medicine or treatment,
must be prescribed by the doctor or a specialist, who are the only figures capable of determining treatments for
suitable, from drugs to alternative therapies such as those involving the use of cord stem cells

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