Enriqueburgos Blog IVI Rome free AMH test to raise women’s awareness of their own

IVI Rome free AMH test to raise women’s awareness of their own

IVI Rome: free AMH test to raise women’s awareness of their fertility in a more timely manner

In recent years there has been a decline in nativities in Italy. An estimated 15 percent of couples experience infertility problems. The main stumbling block is time, not only referring to the age at which one decides to embark on a pregnancy, but also to the time when one decides to undergo targeted investigations.

IVI, the international clinic specializing in assisted reproduction, has for this reason launched a series of initiatives including the possibility of carrying out from May 9 to 13 – at its center in Rome Casilino -the AMH test to understand the state of one’s fertility and possibly deal in time with what can become an increasingly widespread disease in our country

According to data from the National Institute of Health

According to data from the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, infertility would affect in Italy today about 15 percent of couples. Environmental factors, improper eating habits, rising age of prime pregnancy or diseases such as theendometriosis Are among the main threats to fertility. But how many people know that some factors can be removed Through preventive control and early intervention?

Weather is the main enemy of fertility – explains the Dr.ssa Daniela Galliano, gynecologist, specialist in Reproductive Medicine and Director IVI-RMA in Rome – not just because in recent years the average age of mothers at the birth of their first child has risen significantly but also because Making the right checks in time allows you to act in a targeted and effective way. women’s fertility curve begins its decline after the age of 35, when ovarian reserve and oocyte quality begin to decline significantly. It therefore seems clear that the time factor becomes of paramount importance: it is essential that all women, even the youngest, are informed about the most common infertility problems but also about the possible solutions to cope with them. Fortunately, science today provides so many dignostic systems and so many treatments to deal with various diseases.”

IVI is one of the most important entities in the panorama of assisted reproduction

IVI is one of the most important players in the assisted reproduction scene, and one of its goals is to to raise awareness about reproductive health, Through information and knowledge, so that each person has the freedom to choose what kind of pathway to pursue in their life. Here’s why May 9-13, at the Rome Casilino clinic (Via Federico Calabresi 11), it was decided to make free of charge to all women who request it, and subject to availability of daily seats, one of the most important and most requested fertility examinations for patients, viz The one on AMH, A simple blood test that ascertains the antimullerian hormone values, A glycoprotein that is produced in men by the testes and in women by the follicles. A kind of “biological clock” that allows assessing the fertility index Of each woman and the fertile capacity of each adult man.

This test is of crucial importance, moreover, if a decision is made to proceed with IVF, because it makes it possible to assess the fertilization rate and allows for indications of the number and quality of embryos. In addition, the antimullerian hormone Can be used as a tumor marker for some ovarian cancers.

The study of the AMH level allows for the proper evaluation of the stimulation protocol and drug concentration best suited to the individual case and, consequently, allows for the creation of an “ad hoc” therapy capable of maximizing results based on the patient’s condition.

According to recent studies, for example, women with higher AMH values have a better response to ovarian stimulation and, as a result, in addition to obtaining more eggs, these are also characterized by better quality. According to a study published in the journal Fertility&Sterility, a correlation between the level of AMH and the number of retrieved oocytes was demonstrated: researchers, based on this investigation, concluded how the antimullerian hormone Is the best marker for predicting ovarian response to stimulation. Scientists believe, in this sense, that AMH is a better indicator even than registry age.

The so-called demographic winter, the increase in the average age of the population, and the low birth rate is becoming a serious socio-economic problem for Europe and especially for Italy – continues Dr.ssa Galliano – many women today arrive in adulthood without having the right information about their body and about the tools that science provides to avoid having to be in certain situations when it is too late to. That’s why we came up with this initiative, to make this issue visible and generate awareness so that every woman has enough information to make a decision. To be able to decide with all the information is to exercise freedom and to have in hand all the tools to prevent a real disease, as defined by the World Health Organization, which is infertility”

To register for the initiative, you can log on to the website and fill out the registration form.

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