Enriqueburgos Blog Penis elongation and psychology the complexes of men under the sheets

Penis elongation and psychology the complexes of men under the sheets

Penis elongation and psychology: men’s complexes under the sheets

Needless to deny it: managing male complexes under the sheets, is embarrassing and extremely difficult for women. Penis elongation, Impotence and performance anxiety are not myths to be dispelled but real problems that, in most cases, underlie psychological trauma unconscious. For although men always want to appear manly, there are occasions when they show their innermost weaknesses.

One of the most recurring situations, is that of the sexual act that does not always turn out to be as satisfying as one would expect.

Recent and very reliable statistics show, in fact, that the 40% of heterosexual men and the 60% of homosexual men, conceal complexes related to the size of one’s genital organ; this complex seems to stem from a sense of inferiority to the female figure that one tends, at times, to idolize. But in such cases how should we behave in order not to traumatize our partner further? How to deal with the subject in case of impotence and after how long?

Here is a brief guide, aimed at giving some small suggestions to make up for shortcomings that are not always chronic and irreparable.

  • Penile enlargement: a complex to be treated gently

Among the many male complexes, related to sexual performance, is that inherent in penis enlargement: in Italy above all, there is a high rate of insecure men who, often, tend not to address the issue and, even, to blame their female partners, for unsatisfactory performance. If you are casual partners, you are advised not to violate the intimate sphere by asking too personal questions or making hasty assumptions. On the contrary, if you have been in a couple for years and the problem arises suddenly, you should try to approach it with extreme delicacy.

Be, in this case, ready to engage in a couple’s journey as the problem, if underestimated, can lead to further discomfort.

  • Performance anxiety: how to combat it

If you are recently dating your partner and the sexual act does not satisfy you, you need to have some patience. In 70% of cases the problem is common and symptomatic of an overly idolized image one has of the woman one has sex with. Therefore, it is not the case of feeling wrong, inadequate or not up to the situation but, on the contrary, it is necessary to make the other half comfortable. Talking in these cases is of little use: try with facts to prove to your man that you are attracted and that you have chosen him, in and out of bed, precisely for this. You will see that results will not be long in coming and problems will be distant memories.

In the case of chronicity, consult an expert who can guide you to the most appropriate solution.

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