Enriqueburgos Blog Dentist what it means to devitalize a tooth

Dentist what it means to devitalize a tooth

Dentist, what it means to devitalize a tooth

The devitalization Is a surgical procedure used to repair decayed teeth or teeth that have suffered trauma that has injured the tooth pulp.

In this way, a tooth is “saved” without having to be extracted. Before the procedure (which takes place in two sessions, usually), there is an X-ray that allows the doctor to give the patient guidance on how to proceed. Of course, periodic checkup at the dentist is always advisable to avoid future problems.

Then there is the actual surgery, preceded by local anesthesia.

At the beginning of the procedure, the dam (a latex handkerchief that protects the other teeth) is placed, the crown of the tooth is drilled and the dental pulp and bacterial debris are removed from inside the tooth.

root canal is disinfected and filled with a natural resin that turns into calcium hydroxide, the “gutta-percha”.

Finally, the tooth is sealed with a temporary filling.

In the second session, this temporary filling is removed and the tooth is reconstructed and finally covered with a capsule that minimizes the risk of future tooth fractures.

So this surgery is very helpful to save the tooth without having to extract it in all cases where there is deep decay or severe trauma significantly compromises the health of the tooth.

The advantages are many because in addition to saving the tooth, the infection is cured, the relentless tooth pain passes, and also the surgery is almost painless (considering that there is local anesthesia).

It is always best to rely on competent doctors because although the procedure is almost painless, there may be, during the steps of the operation, problems, such as the tooth falling out (if devitalization is done wrong) or being damaged, hypersensitivity in the weeks following the operation, or, if the operation is not successful, extraction (which is much more painful) will have to be done.

However, this operation has a high success rate and the risk of complications is extremely low, so there is no need to worry about.

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