Enriqueburgos Blog Disinfectant which ones to keep at home

Disinfectant which ones to keep at home

Disinfectant, which ones to have in the house

Many people have at home one or more disinfectants for “emergency” cases, for example, when having a young child is very likely and indeed recommended to have one.

Children often get wounds

Children often get wounds that promptly need to be disinfected, or it can be useful to have it just to disinfect wounds that one gets from doing chores around the house or cooking.

All that is needed in these cases (and many others) is thehydrogen peroxide That it is very useful for disinfecting wounds.

It is the cheapest and also the best choice when it comes to disinfection.

Before using this disinfectant, it is a good idea to clean the wound of any foreign bodies, which may have penetrated into it and then also proceed to the actual disinfection.

Another useful disinfectant to have in the home is the Lysoform Medical (which everyone will surely know by its green color and also its green bottle).

Has antibacterial disinfectant action

Has antibacterial disinfectant action and is suitable for any intact skin disinfection needs.

The nonaggressive antibacterial disinfectant action of Lysoform Medical makes it suitable even for the delicate skin of children.

Simply disinfect the skin either by pouring it directly on the affected area or by cleansing the wound with a well-soaked pad (it is best not to use it on injured skin or mucous membranes).

Again, surely in the home you already have thedenatured alcohol that perhaps you use to disinfect surfaces in the home as well.

This is yes useful to disinfect, but only intact skin, so avoid pouring it on wounds as it is histiolesive (damages skin) and irritating.

All these products can also be purchased at the supermarket, without necessarily going to a pharmacy.

Obviously, inquire about whether or not it is appropriate to use them and, in the most serious situations or when in doubt, consult your doctor.

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