Enriqueburgos Blog Halluxvalgus surgery is needed surgery

Halluxvalgus surgery is needed surgery

Halluxvalgus, surgery is needed?

L’halluxvalgus Is a real condition that mainly affects women. It’s not just a blemish but an issue that, if not treated properly, can worsen and cause significant pain and impair walking.

Symptoms at first differ from patient to patient (they also vary according to walking and posture) and are mild: swelling at the base of the big toe (onion), redness around the big toe, and thickening of the skin are evident.

In these cases, “conservative” treatments may be opted for: bandages and wraps or toe separator pads, orthotics or custom orthotics.

The doctor may also recommend the use of painkillers.

So much can be done to prevent hallux valgus.

There are several ways to prevent hallux valgus:

  • choose comfortable shoes, avoiding the use of heels, tight shoes especially at the toe. In fact, it has been found that wearing shoes that are not suitable for the physiognomy of the foot can lead to the onset of hallux valgus as well as the possibility of developing low back pain and lower limb pain. Better to wear footwear that fits the anatomical shape of the foot and supports the entire sole (e.g., sports shoes)
  • keep your weight under control because body weight puts pressure on the limbs by subjecting them to excessive stress if obesity or overweight is present
  • embark on a path of postural reeducation, so as to regain their center of gravity and walk so that their weight is balanced well on their feet
  • doing exercises of postural gymnastics

However, if the halluxvalgus situation is already more severe and walking is compromised, will need to surgical intervention, under local anesthesia, without the insertion of screws or nails and with the ability to walk immediately and recover foot function quickly.

In the case of the “mini burr” technique, small drills are inserted into small holes to cause microfractures in the right places so that the bones can be realigned.

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