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Hallux valgus can it be operated on

Hallux valgus, can be operated on?

Hallux valgus is a condition that affects the foot and manifests itself in a deformity of the foot due to the head of the first metatarsal moving away from the others.

Not only from an aesthetic point of view it can create discomfort but also from a motor point of view it can impair movement since it is more or less painful.

A protuberance at the level of the first metatarsal head is evident but also:

  • swelling or redness around the big toe
  • Thickening of the skin at the base of the big toe that appears hard and calloused
  • persistent or intermittent pain (even at rest)
  • Limited ability in the movements of the big toe and thus difficulty in walking

The causes of hallux valgus are:

  • Congenital such as a foot impairment from birth or heredity
  • Use of footwear styles inappropriate for the physiology of the foot (shoes with narrow toes, too small or high heels)
  • suffer from certain diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis or gout
  • injuries to the foot
  • problems with weight, posture or muscle tone

Then one might opt for more comfortable footwear or:

  • Apply a bandage that keeps the foot in a normal position, reducing stress on the big toe and relieving pain or apply ice to the painful area
  • using painkillers or giving cortisone injections
  • Use separating toe pads and corrective orthotics to evenly distribute body weight and pressure when moving feet

This is all that falls under non-surgical treatment and therefore conservative in nature.

But hallux valgus can also be operated on Relieving pain and improving the alignment of the big toe.

The type of surgery will depend on the severity of the deformity, for example, a classic surgery will consist of opening the skin and tissues with correction of the deformity by removing part of the bone and inserting supports designed to return the big toe to the correct position.

Still, there is the percutaneous surgical approach that allows surgery directly on the bone through tiny holes made in the skin.

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