Enriqueburgos Blog How to choose the right herbal tea for us

How to choose the right herbal tea for us

How to choose the most suitable herbal tea for us

Herbal teas and infusions are an easy way to take care of yourself. In fact, by drinking hot water “flavored” with herbs, flowers and fruits, you can feel better immediately. Certainly among the most popular infusion drinks are draining herbal teas.

But how to choose the right herbal tea for us?

In fact, one tip is to have several herbal teas at home, ready for any eventuality. There are those for better rest, for digestion, deflating, for a tasty snack, in short there are really all kinds.

In fact, herbal teas are divided into those tasty And to which one is attracted by the taste and flavor and those functional or therapeutic and natural. So, to choose the herbal tea best suited for us, we can start from our needs.

That is, if we often suffer from seasonal ailments (sore throat, cold), it will be more appropriate to opt for a mint, lemon and honey or lavender herbal tea. If we have problems with digestion, fennel, dandelion, burdock or ginger herbal tea is best.

For a calming effect and to relax

For a Calming effect and to relax, the most suitable are those with herbs such as linden, chamomile, lemon balm and hawthorn. For replenish energy and vitality, herbal tea with nettle or turmeric is best.

Or, for rest better chamomile or infusions based on lemon balm is unfailing. For the circulation blueberry herbal tea is widely used, while for the skin it is generally essential to choose infusions with vitamin C or licorice.

Herbal teas are also useful for slim down (obviously associated with a balanced diet and physical activity) and herbal teas made from ash, pansy, yarrow or sea oak can be useful for this purpose.

Finally, much loved by women for Drain fluids and cope with cellulite, are herbal teas based on birch, fucus, spirea or pineapple.

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