Enriqueburgos Blog Jogging there are apps to track results

Jogging there are apps to track results

Jogging, there are apps to track results?

More and more joggers are taking up running every day. In recent years there have been developed several apps that allow you to monitor your results. Important before starting is to always do the warming up to avoid injury.

Always keep track of your results

Always keeping track of one’s results and seeing if they conform to the goals one has set is always very important from a motivation point of view, which is why so many people decide to download or purchase apps on their smartphones.

These apps allow you to view complete data about your workout such as:

  • running times
  • the route taken during a certain jogging session and the distance (via GPS)
  • the unevenness of the terrain
  • speed performance
  • calories burned

It is usually best to wear a heart rate monitor or smartwatch for more information. Some apps, by allowing runners to archive the results of their workouts, allow them to compare one’s performance over time and see if there has been any improvement.

Many apps (such as Strava, one of the most popular) allow you to issue challenges to other members or share your results or, again, compare your workouts with those done by other runners.

Jogging shoes

Since the shoes one uses for jogging are crucial (and after a certain number of miles run, it is preferable to replace them), some apps give information on the number of miles run with a certain pair of shoes thus signaling when it is necessary to replace them (functionality given by Adidas running that used to be called Runtastic).

In addition, because motivation is key when training (and therefore also when jogging), some apps, such as Nike running club, provide the ability to listen to motivational audios to accompany the runner during the run.

Finally, there are apps (such as RunGo) that allow you to find safe jogging routes even in unfamiliar cities.

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