Enriqueburgos Blog Asl Viterbo more than 200 surgeries with endovascular treatment

Asl Viterbo more than 200 surgeries with endovascular treatment

Asl Viterbo, in one year more than 200 surgeries with endovascular treatment

More than 200 surgeries performed a year with endovascular treatment in Belcolle’s angiography room by the team of the vascular surgery operating unit, directed by Domenico Alberti.

Specifically, the endovascular surgeries, carried out as a team with professionals from the interventional radiology unit, were 80 for carotid surgery, 70 for abdominal aortic aneurysm, and about 60 for lower limb ischemia.

Important results made possible thanks to the presence in Belcolle of the angiography room, activated in February 2016. An equipment of the highest technological content that allows the Viterbo hospital to position itself as a regional point of excellence also for quality studies of the vascular system, liver cerebral vessels, biliary and urinary tracts and interventional diagnostic examinations of all vascular districts (from cerebral to peripheral).

Asl Viterbo, a less invasive intervention

One year after the activation of the angiography room,” Domenico Alberti comments
we can say that about 90 percent of vascular surgeries at Belcolle are
carried out with endovascular treatment and, therefore, through the use of small catheters that
replace the traditional surgical procedure
. All this results in a marked reduction in the
operator risks and inpatient times for our patients and an optimization of resources, with a
significant cost containment, for the company “.

The identification of human resources, with specific professional skills, and materials and technologies that
favor the application of the most modern minimally invasive techniques, has allowed Belcolle to accomplish
a significant step forward on the front of qualitative impact in the diagnosis and treatment of
vascular pathologies.

“We have, in short, radically changed the therapeutic approach to the vasculopathic patient – continues Alberti -. This was also made possible through the activation of diagnostic care pathways, such as the one for aortic aneurysms, and the creation of a true vascular outpatient network spread throughout the province.”.

To date, in fact, the active vascular surgery clinics in Tuscia are those in Civita
Castellana, Montefiascone, Marta, Vetralla, and Ronciglione
, allowing the patient to perform the
examinations, investigations and screening as close as possible to where they live, so they travel to
Belcolle only in case of actual need for surgery.

“In this scenario of innovation,” Alberti concludes, “the Asl has made available to our
operators also a pathway to quality professional development through the relationship established by
with Agenas and to collaboration with high-profile professors, such as Professor Piergiorgio Cao.”.

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