Enriqueburgos Blog Coronavirus starting today serologic tests for everyone at St. Camillus at a reduced price

Coronavirus starting today serologic tests for everyone at St. Camillus at a reduced price

Coronavirus, starting today serologic tests for everyone at St. Camillus at a reduced price

Starting today, at the San Camillo Hospital in Rome, it will be possible for private citizens to carry out serological tests for anti-Coronavirus antibodies. The cost set by the Lazio region is 15.23 euros and a prescription is required. “Tomorrow we will start this new serological testing service for citizens at a price capped by the region– explained, to the agency Dire the general director, Fabrizio D’Alba – The service will provide’ the possibility of booking the’ appointment for the test, guaranteeing the spacing protocols required by national and regional regulations. There’ll be safe access.

As also described by the Lazio Region ordinances, where it turns out to be positive for the test, general practitioners will send the patient to the sixteen drives in scheduled for swabbing. A service will therefore start tomorrow
new that even public health care offers to citizens”.

Starting today, outpatient activities return to St. Camillus

“At St. Camillus we will also restart outpatient activities for those priority classes’ not urgent. Therefore, as of tomorrow, patients who had previously been booked will be contacted again based on an order that is not only an order of booking date, but is also an order of fragility assessment’ which the Lazio Region has made. These people will start accessing the facility again from tomorrow upon our telephone contact”.

This was stated, to the agency Dire, the general director of the San Camillo hospital in Rome, Fabrizio d’Alba.
“Always in order to ensure compliance with spacing protocols- added d’Alba- patients will be asked to
come to the outpatient clinic at the times that according to the discipline will be scheduled for the’opening. We are moving toward a normalcy’ which does not mean going back to work as before, but it does mean starting again to take care of those ordinary health needs that in the Covid emergency phase were by necessity put on the back burner and that today are back at the center of the
our work schedule”.

St. Camillus, active doctor-patient telephone service

It is called ‘San Camillo risponde’ the new telephone counseling service activated by the Roman hospital to create direct contact between specialists and patients for whom a diagnostic delay may’aggravate a disease. In a phase of resumption of outpatient activities, by calling 06/58703019, Monday’ through Friday’ between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., citizens will be able to receive the necessary information to contact the various Units’ operating. “The service that we have already’started a couple of weeks ago, receiving numerous phone calls, aims to reopen a channel between the treating physician and the patient at a time of difficulty’in accessing health care facilities – explained the general director of San Camillo, Fabrizio D’Alba -. It&#8217s not a teleconsultation, but we will jointly assess especially in dialogue between professionals whether there are emerging needs that are worthy of immediate attention”. To carry out the service, St. Camillus has been able to count on the support of The White Tulip, a’social promotion association that has chosen to invest part of the voluntary contributions of citizens paid through the 5 per thousand, to support the communication and dissemination campaign of this service.
“It is an important project since’users right now are a bit afraid to go to health facilities’ stressed the president of Il Tulipano Bianco, Francesco Giordani- We think that through this project we can get closer to the people who need it. So our contribution has been to help out through the 5 per thousand contribution. I thank all the supporters who over the years have believed in what The White Tulip does and we hope that this project will become something structured over the years”.

According to the vice president of the Order of Physicians of Rome, Pierluigi Bartoletti “this service improves the relationship between doctor and patient, it’s an important step to ensure that connection with the territory that has always been a missing piece. As an Order on this aspect we have to work on it”.

St. Camillus, D’Alba: “No to coronavirus scare, hospitals are safe”

“Today, hospitals are safer places’than many other places. People&#8217s fear of being infected, even unconscious fear, must be removed. We need to start having that confidence again to go, when needed, to hospitals rather than to districts because’ those are the places where needs should be intercepted and should be taken care of”.

Fabrizio d’Alba, the general director of Rome&#8217s San Camillo Hospital, told the Dire agency.

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