Enriqueburgos Blog ASL ROMA 4 kicking off the project for “Joint Magnetic Resonance Imaging”

ASL ROMA 4 kicking off the project for “Joint Magnetic Resonance Imaging”

ASL ROMA 4, kicking off the project for “Magnetic Resonance Articular Imaging”

As of next July, a joint Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) service will be available at the Radiology Operating Unit of the San Paolo Hospital in Civitavecchia and at the Outpatient Clinic in Capena, alongside the high-field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance already in use at the Civitavecchia Hospital’Civitavecchia.

This is a new project that will be launched initially until July 31 , in order to assess its actual sustainability while also providing for possible changes during the course of the project to improve the effectiveness of the service rendered to users’users.

In addition to the already active session on Tuesday mornings in Civitavecchia, two more sessions are scheduled on Wednesday mornings at St. Paul’s and Wednesday afternoons at the Capena Outpatient Clinic: seven services (five for outpatients and two inpatients) are scheduled for each session;

To meet the needs of the area, radiodiagnostic examinations will be organized in a diversified way: one day of the week will be devoted exclusively to the knee and the next week’s day to the other joints: hand, wrist, elbow, ankle and foot.

This mirrored organizational modality is planned in both health departments in order to make the’activity more adherent to the demands of the users of our Public Health Service.

Satisfaction of the Corporate Management for this project model, attentive to’listening to the demands of the territory and aimed at the consequent reorganization of services, and gratitude to’the commitment of the radiology specialists and technicians of Civitavecchia, Bracciano and Capena who are making this initiative possible even in this period of staff shortage .

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